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Farid Ahsan
Jason Smith
Product Designer
Amanda Peterson
Design Director
Billy Maxwell
Lead Developer
Joshua Harris
Esther Ford

Ankush is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ShareChat. In his role at ShareChat, he oversees the company’s growth strategy and closely monitors the product development. Committed to building a consumer-obsessed organization, Ankush brings in the vision to build ‘the social network’ for the next billion internet users of India. An engineer by qualification, Ankush spearheads the company’s efforts to enable meaningful experiences for its 160+Mn MAU strong ShareChat community.

Ankush Sachdeva
Chief Executive Officer

Farid Ahsan is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ShareChat. Committed to building a people-focused organization, Farid looks after business development and revenue generation and is determined towards building a vibrant work culture, reflecting the platform’s diversity. Farid along with the other founders of ShareChat began coding from their IIT dorm where they envisioned building a user generated content platform. Launched in 2015, ShareChat has today grown to become a leading multi-lingual social media platform available in 15 Indic languages.

Farid Ahsan
Chief Operating Officer

Bhanu Pratap Singh is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ShareChat. In his role, Bhanu heads the technology vertical at ShareChat. He leads a team of handpicked coders and engineers across the country who keep innovating the platform, to build a product that provides a seamless experience to the next billion Internet users of India. His love for building technology and his passion for discovering tech solutions for everything under the sun makes him the go-to person for any technology-related query at ShareChat. Over the last few years, Bhanu and his team have developed state of the art machine learning technology, to make ShareChat an intuitive platform across 15 languages.

Bhanu Pratap Singh
Chief Technology Officer

Manohar Charan is presently the CFO at ShareChat and leads Core Finance, Strategic Finance, Investor Relations, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Legal functions and Procurement Verticals of the company. He plays a critical role in maintaining board member relations and all the fundraising initiatives. Manohar plays a definitive role in driving the larger strategic goals and plans of the organization. With over 11 years of experience ranging from investment banking, mergers and acquisition(M&A), investor relations, and strategic finance, Manohar has worked with companies like Zomato, Uber, Royal Bank of Scotland,, to name a few.

Manohar Singh Charan
Chief Financial Officer

Ajit Varghese is the Chief Commercial Officer at ShareChat, responsible for driving monetisation, leading its marketing efforts, and spearheading content partnerships. As an accomplished global leader in the advertising and communication industry, Ajit has over 25 years of experience, with an expertise in large-scale business transformations and building diverse and successful businesses around media, creative, digital, data, content, sports, and performance. Prior to Sharechat, Ajit was with WPP group media agency Wavemaker as Global President, overseeing business P&L and driving growth across 50+ markets.

Ajit Varghese
Chief Commercial Officer

Gaurav Mishra is the SVP - Product at ShareChat and spearheads the product development for ShareChat and Moj, the short video platform from ShareChat. He leads the ML/AI efforts in the US which are critical for the success of these products. In his previous avatar, Gaurav was the Head of Product for Uber AI, Data and Marketplace Platforms at Uber. Before that, he worked with technology companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft in Product and Engineering roles. He also co-founded, one of the first search engines in India that allowed users to search in native languages. His passion for building consumer internet technology that can serve the next billion internet users in India has found a unique connection with the mission of ShareChat, to be the social network for India.

Gaurav Mishra
Senior Vice President - Product and Head ShareChat Labs

Debdoot Mukherjee is the Vice President, Artificial Intelligence at ShareChat. He leads a team of machine learning data scientists and engineers. Debdoot with his team creates products with delightful consumer experiences while focusing on advancing the state of the art in AI. Debdoot has over 12 years of experience in building innovative AI products in social, mobile, and e-commerce domains. Prior to heading the ShareChat team, he was the Head of Data Science at Hike Messenger where he gained comprehensive knowledge about the next billion users while his team mined on one of the biggest repositories of user insight in India.

Debdoot Mukherjee
Vice President - Artificial Intelligence

Mitalee Dabral leads Human Resources at ShareChat. She has held diverse leadership responsibilities as a strategic HR Business Partner. In her prolific career trajectory her focus has been on Technology and Engineering Solutions Companies like Patni Computer Systems, Infosys, Accenture, and AxisCades, along with a stint at Ola Cabs, the unicorn start-up in India in the auto transport segment. Having worked extensively in both global and Indian business environments, she has helped shape and influence various facets of HR interventions.

Mitalee Dabral
Vice President - Human Resources

Sudhir Nair heads the Talent Acquisition function at ShareChat as Vice President - Talent Acquisition and has been instrumental in building the leadership team of the company as it stands today. Leading an 11 member team, he is responsible for building ShareChat’s team from an 80 member team to now more than 600 ShareChatwasis. With over 15 years of experience in the recruitment space wearing multiple hats as a consultant, entrepreneur, and talent head in startups, Sudhir constantly looks for improvising and implementing innovative ways of finding talent.

Sudhir Nair
Vice President - Talent Acquisition
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