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Our Engineering team operates in conjunction with our business priorities, hence helping ShareChat and Moj achieve their growth milestones. The team lays emphasis on various tech-oriented platform initiatives like DevOps/Infrastructure, Data Platform, Quality Engineering and Testing. They are extremely selective about performance, resources and cost optimization. As the function consistently focuses on driving innovation, amidst the complexities of managing these high-traffic platforms.

Data Science

This team of Machine Learning scientists and engineers create the AI backbone of ShareChat and Moj. They empower both the platforms with personalized content feeds and build relevancy for every user with fresh and engaging content, across a wide range of content genres. The team has been instrumental in developing algorithms that help brands and advertisers target specific audiences on our platforms while enhancing the user experience.


Our Design team plays a significant role in creating and enhancing the user experience on our platforms. As part of their collaborative approach, the team also works with our community of users to constantly improve the UI and UX. This team is instrumental in branding, digital marketing, internal/external campaigns, and other functions that require a creative intervention. Adopting simplicity as an approach, the team thrives on delivering clarity through their designs.

Business & Strategy

The Business & Strategy team focuses on achieving our corporate objectives and paves the way for the next phase of growth. This function plays a crucial role in engaging with business stakeholders, in maintaining key partnerships and relationships. It is equally responsible for managing operational and financial functions, by ensuring seamless workflow and revenue generation.

Content Operations

Our Content Operations team is responsible for managing content & product operations on the platform, across all Indic languages. They devise the content strategy which involves identifying new content categories and formats. The team places great emphasis on managing creators, from acquisition to their success on the platform, along with building communities. They also make sure that the content & community guidelines are met, through various moderation processes running at scale.

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