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Farid Ahsan
Jason Smith
Product Designer
Amanda Peterson
Design Director
Billy Maxwell
Lead Developer
Joshua Harris
Esther Ford

In his role as CEO of ShareChat, Ankush wears multiple hats as he oversees the Product Management and is responsible for the overall Growth Strategy and Vision of the company. With a keen focus on product behaviour, he takes pride in tackling some of the key challenges in the yet-to-be-solved vernacular social space. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Ankush has a B.Tech degree in Computer Engineering.

Ankush Sachdeva

Farid heads the Operations teams within ShareChat and serves as the Chief Operating Officer. He is committed to building a User-focused organisation that draws the audience, investors and talent. While not at work, Farid is an avid cricketer, swimmer and a voracious reader. An Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur alumni, Farid has a B.Tech degree in Material science and Engineering.

Farid Ahsan

Bhanu heads all of Technology at ShareChat and is its Chief Technology Officer. With a talent and passion for Technology, Bhanu is responsible for the overall technical strategy, scalability and key Tech Initiatives that help the website serve the Billions of calls that flow through the system. Bhanu has a B.Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Bhanu Pratap Singh

Venkatesh serves as the Vice President of Engineering, managing the Engineering teams and various innovations on the Platform to help provide a seamless experience for our users. Before this, Venkatesh built and lead high-performant teams that managed Internet-scale systems in his previous experiences at eBay and PayPal. Venkatesh has a B.E. degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University and a Masters in Computer Science from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

Venkatesh Ramaswamy
VP Engineering

With over 20 years of experience in driving strategy for mobile consumer products ranging from mobile VAS, mobile wallet and mobile browser, Sunil is responsible for developing strategy and business vision for ShareChat. His main focus at the company is executing ShareChat’s user growth through partnerships and collaborations. Sunil is an engineering graduate and has completed his Master’s degree in Mobile & Satellite Communication from University of Westminster. He loves networking and meeting new people which adds on to his personality as a Chief Business officer.

Sunil Kamath
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