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Technology is the backbone at ShareChat and is at the Core of what we do. Our engineers have the freedom to innovate, experiment and influence the Product road-map. Each day brings in new challenges and we jump straight into the fire to solve them.Today, our teams are spread across Front-end, Back-end, Data Science and Engineering, Infrastructure, Android, iOS and many others. We are agile and will continue to spearhead the next key steps of our company.

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Data Science

Our Data Scientists are the perfect blend of a statistician, programmer and communicator and their work is at the heart of all our decision making. Using an interactive model-based learning approach and real-time feedback, we continue to push the boundaries around User Behaviour and Experiences.

With a large amount of relevant data at our disposal, we are uniquely positioned to make the jump from the simple to very relevant and immersive experiences for our users…all while leveraging Science to solve world problems!

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At ShareChat, Design is at the soul of every single decision in the company. We are proud to say that all the designs for our applications, Web and even our work locations have been inspired by work done by the Design Team. We hope to continue this and a lot more to make it worthwhile and engaging for our Users.

To continue building accessible and functional products, we do in-field research in remotest places of India and help redefine user experiences for first-time Internet users. We are combining our passion for rural markets and design skills and continue to build products with inclusion as one of our primary objectives!

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Business & Strategy

Business & Strategy is all about how you move fast and therefore we always have a tactical and experimental approach, where we change our decisions overnight. Encompassing a variety of role, our business & strategy team is spread across Branding communication, Retail strategy, Key accounts management, TV & News partnership and Policy.

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Content Operations

If tech is the backbone, our content operations team is the heart of ShareChat with employers coming from across the country who understand the nitty-gritty of every language on ShareChat. Right from identifying regional trends to devising strategies for community growth, this team manages the greatest challenge- ensuring that the platform is serving the amazing diversity of Indian audience

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